Bragging Rights

What people are saying...

“Kristin the health coach extraordinaire,  I wanted to share with you my great news, I just received the results from my latest blood work labs. My fasting insulin levels dropped from 18 to 4! I was so thrilled and my doctor told me I was his star student! Thanks for all of your help cutting hidden sugars from my diet. I couldn’t have such an improvement without your help! I can’t wait until our next session this week! Signed, Not missing the processed sugars.” ~Cynthia

“Meeting with Kristin twice a month for two months as a Health Coach inspired me to be a better cook and to see cooking in a different light (e.g., quick & easy meals that can be delicious and enjoyable with little effort). Kristin is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She has motivated me to learn and apply healthy cooking techniques. I looked forward to our meetings and always left inspired, excited, and eager to try all the great recipes and to apply the new ideas and information learned. Her cooking classes and grocery shopping tours have provided invaluable information. I am beginning to enjoy planning meals that are healthy. It has been a great pleasure working with Kristin as my Health Coach. I have a much better understanding of cooking and it’s nutritional value. Thank you Kristin for your dedication in helping me to achieve my goals.” ~Jerri

“Thank you so much for the Amazing healthy grocery tour today! I LOVE what I learned! You are so good at what you do!” ~Valora

“I know I will be reading labels more often now and looking for more natural ingredients. You are certainly very knowledgeable about nutrition and you explain it in a manner that we can actually understand.” ~Sally

“I’ve got visitors coming the first two weeks of April, it’s really going to be fun cooking for everyone…. and I NEVER thought I’d say that! Your input and coaching has been great! The quality and variety of my meals has really improved and what a pleasant experience it has been.” ~ Matt

“I purchased a gift certificate for Kristin’s service for my daughter. Her advise and instruction has benefited her immensely. Thank you for helping her work through a challenging food allergy problem, she’s doing much better now.” ~Cheryl